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Lena Batra
Hearing Therapist and Consultant

I'm Lena Batra - one of the few hearing healthcare professionals in the UK to hold a nationally recognised higher education qualification in hearing therapy. I'm a member of the Registration Council of Clinical Physiologists.


Combining 17 years of hearing therapy experience with my own background of hearing difficulties, I have made it my life’s work to motivate, inspire and lead adults with reduced hearing towards a better understanding and improved management of their day to day challenges of hearing difficulties.

I also support professionals by providing advice, advocacy and training services within the holistic practise of hearing therapy and have a special interest in the important role that music can play.

Individuals with reduced hearing

Hearing therapy is by its very nature a holistic practice. I am trained in recognising and helping you to address the wide range of concerns which can arise from reduced hearing and related difficulties.


I work with peer professionals and have a special interest in music, raising awareness and cross-discipline collaborations.



"I'd like to express my gratitude, you are an outstanding teacher and I have learned a lot."


- B.R, patient

"Lena’s presentation at the music for 'hearing aids for music' conference at University of Leeds was first class. I remember how, a few minutes in, my colleague and I exchanged a look that said ’better listen up, this is good’ without the need for words. Great use of music and visual images, also a demonstration of music related software to bring everything to life and make it memorable. I can still some of the slides in my minds eye two years on!"

- Ingrid Marshall, NHS Audiologist 


Contact me

To book a HT appointment with me or to arrange a free 15 minute "discovery call" please contact me.

Tel: 07947 382659

Email: info.fullcircletherapy@gmail.com

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