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Individuals with reduced hearing

Are you struggling to follow conversations, TV, or to enjoy music?

Are you struggling with some of the challenges that can come from living life with reduced hearing?

Do you simply feel that it’s all too effortful - leaving you tired and stressed by the end of the day?

Are some of your key relationships, such as those with family or colleagues, being impacted by communication difficulties?

Are you feeling less confident than you once were?


Or perhaps things are a little more complex and you're finding it hard to get to grips with technology designed to help your hearing?

Individuals with reduced hearing


Are you exploring ways to differentiate your practice?

Are you looking for an “added Value Service” to complement your work?

Are you looking to improve your own continuing professional development?

My passion for raising awareness of the challenges of hearing difficulties has lead me to provide training and advisory input to peer professionals and other organisations who are interested in placing inclusive design and patient-centred care at the heart of their products and services.

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Presentations & Public Speaking

I've been invited to speak at various events including the Hearing Aids For Music Conference, Leeds University 2017

Screen Grab edit.png

"Lena’s presentation at the music for 'hearing aids for music' conference at University of Leeds was first class. I remember how, a few minutes in, my colleague and I exchanged a look that said ’better listen up, this is good’ without the need for words. Great use of music and visual images, also a demonstration of music related software to bring everything to life and make it memorable. I can still some of the slides in my minds eye two years on!"

- Ingrid Marshall, NHS Audiologist

Public Speaking
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